Let’s face it, it’s much easier staying in a hotel, ordering room service, and having the sheets changed on a daily basis.

But nothing beats the thrill of waking up in a tent, cooking your food on a campfire, and enjoying some alone time with nature. But camping is definitely a labor of love as one of those popular outdoor activities.

Camping has many benefits that are often overlooked because people can’t imagine living without their luxuries. However, many people who go camping actually come back with a new appreciation for what they have at home after having experienced living without it.

So, Is Camping Worth it?

Yes, camping is worth it. It allows you to be at one with nature, spend more time with the family and is of the cheapest family holidays when compared to other holidays you could go on.

Here are 17 reasons why you should consider taking up camping as your next adventure:

You Get to Be in the Great Outdoors

As we have just mentioned, the fact that you get to be outdoors and breathe in fresh air is definitely enough reason to go camping. Not only that, but it gives you a true sense of freedom being out in the country and having a night among the stars.

You can pretty much come and go as you please, answerable to no one, and don’t have to fit any sort of schedule or agenda.

The Cheapest Type of Holiday

Camping is the cheapest type of holiday for those on a budget. The only thing you need to do is book the campsite, pack your tent, pack enough food for your stay n adventurous spirit and you’re ready to go!

There really is no cheaper holiday we can think of that offers this sort of flexibility.

Camping is Good Exercise

Even though camping is fairly cheap. There is some effort involved in pitching the tent, starting a fire/BBQ, cleaning, etc.

With all this work to be done, this will surely help you keep fit and get yourself ready for the challenges ahead.

Also, when you go camping you do a lot more walking and hiking than you do on a regular holiday.

Listening to Nature

One of the awesome things about camping is being able to listen to nature and observe the animals and insects in their own habitat. This is especially special at night when you start to hear sounds you would otherwise ignore when you are at home or inside.

Takes You to New Places Every Time

Since there are so many places where you can camp and with so much variety, it means you can pretty much go anywhere you want. It also means that you don’t have to go to the same site every year which means constantly traveling to new places.

You Can Bring Your Own Food

Bring your own food = saving money. There is no expensive restaurant and no one to tip when you can bring your own food. Also, if you buy in bulk and choose where you shop you can save even more.

There is also the question of packing the food and drink you know your family already likes (that includes everyone’s favorites).

If you are looking to bring your own food, then you need to be organized and produce your own camping food list before you go. This will ensure you know how much food to pack and how much food to take depending on the size of the group.

Short or Long – It is Up To You

Whether you want to go on a short trip or a long one, camping gives you the flexibility to choose. You can go for a week’s camping or go for one night.

Even if you originally chose to go for a short break, you can always extend your length of stay depending on the campsite you booked or the location of where you pitched your tent.

Both Old and Young Can Holiday Together

No matter how many generations are in the family. All family members can go camping and it’s not just limited to parents and their kids.

You may not be able to stay in a tent exclusively, but you do have several options for budget camping holidays.

You Can Bring Your Own Entertainment

Whenever you want some peace and quiet to yourself. You can always listen to a podcast or music on your phone or MP3 player.

Also, if you don’t want to go the digital route, you can always take a series of books, magazines, and comics with you.

It’s Great Family Time

One of the main bonuses of going camping is saying goodbye to all of those digital devices we are consumed with now.

At home, they are major distractions and if the kids wear their headphones it is even hard to get their attention or have a conversation.

When you go camping you can get rid of all that, or at least cut down on the length of time they spend on them. This makes way for more family time.

You Don’t Need to Go Far

Most of the time in means either catching a plane or going on a long road trip if you want to take the family on holiday. However, when you go camping you can either go on a short journey or you don’t need to travel at all.

This is a great way of getting away from everything with no real stress – staying in your own backyard.

If you want the night among the stars, choose somewhere with little light pollution and if it is quiet seclusion you are after, find a campsite that offers more privacy.

You, Will, Have Plenty of Time for Yourself

What people don’t realize is. Even though you go away camping as a group, it is amazing just how much free time and also time to yourself you have because there is no schedule or plans that you need to stick to.

You can fit in what you want and don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, plus children will still be entertained.

There Are So Many Different Places to Camp

There are so many different types of places to go camping from national parks, campsites, beaches, and even in your own backyard.

It means you should be able to find the perfect location to camp no matter where you live or how far you are willing to travel.

Kids Learn Important Life Skills

One of the main things your kids will learn is team spirit and teamwork when you go camping together. Since you have so much more free time, you tend to play more games and discuss things in more depth.

They will learn how to:

  • Cook for themselves.
  • Pitch a tent and set up camp.
  • Not be as reliant on modern technology.
  • Learn how to fish (and also how to prepare food).
  • Learn certain skills like land navigation, knot tying, fire starting, etc.
  • Problem solve.
  • Learn about local history and geography.
  • Work as a team to keep the family safe.
  • Learn how to use certain tools like knives, saws, axes, etc.
  • Learning the foundation of survival.

And, learn more about themselves.

You have the time to rest and recuperate

Getting the time to rest and recuperate is so underrated. The fact that you don’t have to follow your normal routine and you also get to worry less and not stress about things that aren’t important.

There are no constant interruptions from work colleagues, no meetings to attend, no Zoom calls to schedule and you are able to really relax, unlike your weekends.

You Can Go Camping in Any Season

The great thing about camping is, that you are not restricted by the weather. The only thing you need to do is either ensure you have a good enough tent to survive the weather and is water and draft proof, mainly.

The vast majority of campsites are open all year round, no matter what the weather is like.

So, if you don’t want to go camping when it is cold or raining, but still want to get out in nature, choose a campsite that is open all year round and doesn’t close due to the weather.

You Can Bring Your Pets Along

Not many places allow pets, so when they do it is an instant bonus.

When you take your family camping with your dogs, not only will they love it just as much as you do but your dogs can learn some important skills by being out in the wild too.


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17 Reasons Why Camping Is The Best Thing You’ll Do This Year
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