Please note that The Green Deal is no longer operational.

What was the Green Deal?

The Green Deal was a UK Government initiative that ran from 2013 to 2015. It offered loans to domestic energy customers in order to help them make energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

The idea was that the savings made on energy bills would be greater than the cost of repaying the loan, making it ‘cost neutral’.

Over 142,000 Green Deal assessments were carried out and there were over 26,000 Green Deal Plans agreed. However, take-up of the actual loans was low, with only a few thousand being taken out. The scheme was not popular with customers or businesses and the government ended up cancelling it in July 2015.

If you need help paying for home improvements

You may have been able to receive a loan through the Green Deal, but you’ll have to repay it via your energy bill. The amount you paid back was determined by how much money you saved on your power bills as a result of the upgrades.

You were also able to get a Green Deal grant to help cover the cost of some home improvements.

Grants are currently available for certain types of renewable energy generation, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and air source heat pumps.

What Was The Process For Getting A Green Deal?

If you were interested in getting The Green Deal, you would have had to get a Green Deal Assessment carried out on your home.

This assessed what energy-saving measures could be suitable for your property and provides you with an estimate of the potential savings that could be made.

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