Within our society the is a section of people that are fuel poor. This means they have to spend a higher amount of their yearly income on trying to keep their homes warm, which can be a real struggle.

Warmer Homes Scotland is a Scottish Government Scheme which was set up in 2015 in order to help these vulnerable homeowners.

What is the Warmer Homes Scotland programme?

The Scottish Government’s Warmer Homes Scotland initiative, provides grants and assistance to families that are having difficulties keeping warm and paying their energy bills.

Home Energy Scotland will verify whether any grant is available and connect eligible households with Warmworks, the managing agent.

Who is the programme for?

Warmer Homes Scotland has been set up to help make people’s homes warmer and more comfortable with a range of energy saving improvements.

The Scottish government has agreed to assist homeowners and private sector renters who are having difficulties heating their home because they have lived there for at least a year and satisfy the criteria.

What’s available through the programme?

The improvements offered will depend on a property survey. Assessors will visit your house to assess it, and they will suggest improvements suited for the property, such as insulation and heating.

The Scottish Government will usually pay all expenses in most situations. But, just be aware that funding cannot be used for work that has previously been completed.

All home improvements funded by Warmer Homes Scotland must be carried out by an approved contractor.

Customer contributions may be necessary for more expensive upgrades, such as solid wall insulation.

An interest-free loan is available to cover the cost of the client contribution.

The Energy Saving Trust runs an interest-free loan program in which successful loans will incur an administration fee.

If your bid includes a customer contribution, you will be sent further information on the loan.

Potential improvements include:

  • Wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Draught-proofing
  • Central heating (inc. new gas boilers)
  • Renewables

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How does it work for private tenants?

If you live in private accomodation, your landlord will be informed of any Scottish Government-funded improvements and those that they must pay for directly. Prior approval is necessary before any renovations are made.

Since 1 August 2017, Warmer Homes Scotland has imposed limits on the improvements available to customers who reside in privately rented homes.

Private Rented Sector houses covered by the statutory Repairing Standard will no longer receive repairs that a landlord is legally required to offer.

Customers in this sector who are recommended for the house may still be eligible for other enhancements if they meet certain criteria.

For further information, contact an advisor.

Who is eligible?

The following are the eligibility requirements.

If you do not qualify for Warmer Homes Scotland, you may be eligible for help under the interest-free loan scheme or a local area based scheme. And if you’ve read the criteria but aren’t sure whether you qualify, give them a call on 0808 808 2282 or use our contact form.

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