If you are reading this Keto camping, hiking, and backpacking guide I’m assuming that you are either thinking of trying the Keto diet and are going camping soon or you are already on the Keto diet and are going camping soon.

If you are already doing Keto I’m assuming that you were told by your doctor or by another Ketoer to bring snacks with you – specifically ones that are high fat, low carb, and moderate protein.

This can be a little challenging because there aren’t many options out there for people doing Keto and that is why I am writing this article: to help you find some great low-carb camping foods.

If you’re not sure what to eat on a ketogenic diet, talk to your doctor first. Although it’s rare, certain groups of people are more susceptible than others to “Keto Flu,” which is a set of symptoms that may appear two to seven days after starting a ketogenic diet.

The symptoms of this illness, which aren’t recognized by medicine, include headache, foggy mind, tiredness, irritability, nausea, sleeplessness, and constipation.

I did a lot of research and tried out many different foods, snacks, and drinks while I was camping and hitting the backpacking trails on the Ketogenic diet so I’ll share my best findings with you below!

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Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Food

In this part of the article, we’ll be looking at the most popular times to eat during the day which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you are on a Keto diet, you will still be eating three big meals a day when you are camping, hiking, or backpacking just as normal, but you might have to change up the times of the day so that your meals are around when others are eating.

A lot of diets out there tell you to eat six small meals a day which is not necessary on the Keto diet.

The reason why we eat three big meals a day on Keto is that it’s easier and more satisfying for most people.

You also want to consume foods that won’t kick you out of ketosis such as foods rich in grains, sugar beverages, too much fruit, and processed meats (these hide a lot of sugar content).

Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Breakfast Ideas

Your breakfast is the first meal of the day and is arguably the most important, so the foods listed below will provide you with enough nutrition and energy for a busy day of fishing, hiking, and exploring in the woods.

Here’s what we would recommend for a keto camping breakfast:

Here are the Keto drink options…

Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

This drink is a thick creamy fruit smoothie that is packed with healthy fat and protein.

The avocado in it also makes this a great breakfast to help you stay full for hours!

There’s no cooking required for this one except to cut the avocados and strawberries.

Add Cream to Hot Drinks

Coffee or tea with heavy whipping cream and a dash of spices like cinnamon.

Here are the Keto food options…

Keto Pancakes

Some people think that you can’t eat baked goods on a Keto diet, but this is a myth.

Made with almond flour, you can load it up with some bacon and eggs and feel full for hours!

To make this, you’ll need to bring along some baking powder, eggs, and salt.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise and a hint of pepper/salt, along with a couple of sausage links or bacon.

Bacon Egg Muffins

If your bacon egg muffins are low carb packed with plenty of eggs, onion, and bacon.

You can easily make this in bulk so it will last you throughout the morning and then reheat it for an easy lunch.

Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Lunch Ideas

Next, we will look at keto camping, hiking, and backpacking lunch. Depending on how full you are from breakfast, the amount you eat at lunch will vary.

The keto camping lunch can be as simple as a favorite sandwich or it may be your breakfast leftovers if you didn’t finish them at breakfast.

If you are looking for more Keto snacks and meals to bring along, we’ll list some great Keto camping foods and drink:

Here’s what we would recommend for a keto camping lunch:

Here are the Keto drink options…

Tea or coffee

A staple with very few carbs.

Soy Milk

Unsweetened soy milk is recommended because it has casein and whey which are both proteins that slow down the release of insulin.

Beer (in moderation)

Yes, believe it or not, beer does have a low amount of carbs which is ideal if you want to sit back and enjoy yourself or with friends.

Here are the Keto food options…

High-Energy Salad

A lot of people opt for a high-energy salad (sometimes referred to as a salad bowl) when they are bodybuilding. Typically the ingredients of your salad would be chicken, eggs, bacon, avocado, and tomatoes.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, simply remove the meat parts of the recipe and add black beans, lentils, and top it off with your favorite salsa.

Keto Beef Jerky

This is a great, high-protein snack that also has very few carbs in it! You can buy beef jerky from just about any gas station or convenience store, but I recommend getting the lowest carb choice you can find which will be around 3g per serving.

Flame-broiled Burger with Toasted Cauliflower

There really is nothing better than a flame-grilled burger over an open flame while camping.

Add some spinach, avocados, bacon, and cheese to go with it for a keto meal that is one of the most popular keto camping foods.

Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Dinner Ideas

Finally, we’ll look at the Keto camping, hiking, and backpacking dinner ideas to round out your day of ketogenic eating in the great outdoors.

Oftentimes, campers will opt for several snacks instead of a full-blown meal, but we’ll give you several options below for what to bring along:

Here’s what we would recommend for a keto camping dinner:

Here are the Keto drink options…

Diet cola

Extremely low in carbs and high in caffeine.


Unsweetened almond milk again.

Coffee or tea (with heavy whipping cream )

Can be consumed no matter the time of day.

Coconut water

Depending on whether you can get hold of it. The likes of Walmart sell it.

Here are the Keto food options…

Grilled Pork Chop and Green Beans

A large pork chop, green beans, and mushrooms grilled together make a delicious meal that is loaded with flavor and very few carbs.

Grilled Steak with Steamed Veggies

For a very simple dinner, you can grill up some steak with zucchini and bell peppers, then serve them alongside one another.

Grilled Sea Bass over Greens

Grilled Sea Bass is incredibly meaty and satisfying off the bone which makes this an excellent keto camping, hiking, and backpacking food choice.

Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Desserts

Take a look at our keto camping, hiking, and backpacking desserts below:

Keto dutch oven dessert

This Keto Cobbler with Mixed Berries is a delicious way to end your day. You can also garnish it with whatever low-carb toppings you have on hand – I recommend using some low-carb chocolate, shredded coconut, and slivered almonds.

Three-ingredient cheesecake keto fat bombs

All you need is cream cheese, heavy cream, and a sugar-free sweetener to make these meal-enders that taste as good as they look.

Keto Cheesecake

Cheesecake is another great Keto dessert idea for those who love cheesecake. This recipe makes it very simple to make keto cheesecake in a dutch oven with little clean-up required.

Keto cinnamon sugar donuts

You can either make these yourself or buy some from outlets like Krispy Kreme. Made with almond flour, these are a great treat that you can enjoy with some morning coffee.

Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Side Dishes

Take a look at our ketogenic camping side dishes and snacks:

Keto Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Have some Keto bacon-wrapped asparagus, add some cream cheese and dill and you’ll be in keto food heaven.

Keto Cauliflower Mash

Cauliflower mash is a great side dish that can be made quickly, easily, and without too much clean-up required. Simply microwave the cauliflower then do the mashing, before adding your favorite Keto-friendly herbs and spices.

Keto Cheese Chips

Cheese chips are an excellent side dish to pair with most meals, especially for any of those who love cheese!

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Welcome to comfort food heaven. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese are a favorite amongst the ketogenic community and are perfect for a quick snack or side dish.

Ketogenic Backpacking Meals

Salami or Sausage

These are great keto camping, hiking, and backpacking foods that are easy to store. The summer sausage is also a good source of protein.

Pepperoni Chips

These chips are made by slicing pepperoni into chip-sized pieces and then baking it in the oven to give you a quick, keto salt-free snack that is full of fat.

Hard cheese

High in protein and fats, cheese is a popular camping food because it’s portable and doesn’t require refrigeration. Make sure you get hard cheese instead of soft.

Nuts or Nut Butter

Be careful how many of these you eat because they are packed with fats and protein. Again, these don’t require refrigeration so you can take them on hikes or camping trips.


You have seen Avocado mentioned a lot here and that’s because it is so versatile and really goes well with a lot of meals.

Low Carb Wraps/Tortillas

Lends itself to so many different meals, from pizzas to breakfast wraps, these low-carb wraps are a great way of adding a lot of extra carbs into your diet.

Chorizo Sausage

This sausage is very high in fat and protein, making it a good Keto camping or hiking snack when you need something fast.

Keto Trail Mix

Filled with lots of delicious high-fat and high-protein nuts and seeds, trail mix makes a great snack for camping or hiking.

Beef Jerky

Everyone knows the protein power of beef jerky and it’s perfect for Keto campers because it doesn’t require refrigeration.

Canned Tuna (in olive oil)

You can make your own tuna packets to take on hikes or go with you camping by mixing up some tuna in olive oil, chopped celery, and mayo together. This is definitely a keto camping food staple!

Keto Campfire Snack List

The snacks listed below are a combination of sweet and savory and can either be eaten around the campfire or you can even have them on the go as you go hiking during the day.

Keto tortilla chips

Grab yourself some low-carb tortillas. A popular snack is to slap some cream cheese on there and top it with a piece of meat such as summer sausage.

Sugar-free jello with whipped cream  

A really tasty sweet treat that is extremely low in carbs.

Avocado chips

Providing you similar benefits of just eating this creamy fruit, you can slice them up and have them as a healthy snack with a little bit of sea salt.

Celery sticks with almond butter   

A favorite because it’s easy to make and has fatty protein and carbs, which makes it perfect for keto diets.

Pork rinds

Fewer carbs than tortilla chips (about half the amount by weight), but still provides that crunch texture we all know and love. Can also be seasoned lightly for extra flavor.

Sea salt popcorn

A small handful of this will provide you with plenty of energy to keep going throughout the day!

Keto fat bombs

Can be made with cookie dough, chocolate, cream cheese, or coconut oil.

Keto chocolate mousse

A simple recipe that is made by combining heavy cream, chocolate chips, and stevia powder.

Coconut macaroons

Macaroons are a great keto dessert option for this list because they use coconut flour which is very high in fat so it will keep you satiated during your camping stint.  

Chocolate keto protein shake

An awesome meal replacement that will keep you full and needs very little preparation.

Keto camping, hiking, and backpacking foil packets

There are many different varieties of keto snacks in foil packets that are awesome keto camping foods such as:

Jalapeno Poppers

These Jalapeno Poppers make awesome appetizers and they won’t leave you feeling hungry and lacking energy.

Shrimp & Asparagus

This dish is quick to make and brimming with flavor.

Salsa Chicken

An easy dish to make and foil wrap so it’s ready in minutes.

Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Recipes

Grilling Low Carb on Skewers

Skewer, then marinade pieces of meat, shrimp, or veggies for twenty to thirty minutes before putting them on the grill.

Veggie Kabobs Fry up some vegetables, skewer them together, and put them over the fire for a delicious keto camping food.

This is so easy you can prepare this while others are cooking burgers or hot dogs on the campfire.

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Mix 1 cup of coconut flour with 2 egg whites, half teaspoon baking powder, a few drops of vanilla extract, and unsweetened almond milk until it becomes pancake batter consistency. Add more or less almond milk depending on desired thickness. Prepare it just like regular pancakes!

Nesting Low Carb Food Inside Other Food

Low carb camping should be a breeze for those on a ketogenic diet.

Bring some meats, grills veggies, and cheese with you and you’ll have the makings of a delicious keto meal without needing to dirty up a bunch of pots and pans.

Keto Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Hacks

Here are a few camping, hiking, and backpacking hacks that will make your life easier on the road, trail, or campsite.

Use silicone cupcake liners

Use silicone cupcake liners to hold spices when camping, hiking, or backpacking.

Baking sheet hack

Make a baking sheet into a fireproof surface by putting it on top of some aluminum foil.

Backpacking cold water hack

Freeze your water bottles before heading out for an overnight trip to keep everything cool. 

Plan ahead

Plan ahead based on your activity levels and food preferences. Be sure to pack all the necessary comforts and necessities to stay safe, warm, healthy, and energized for your trip.

Use a keto Calculator

Where possible, use a keto calculator to help you find your nutrition needs and macros for your camping trip.

Take salt and pepper on the go

Make little packets of salt and pepper to take with you when backpacking or hiking.  

Buy a keto camping cookbook

I know, I know, it’s cheating, right? However, having a keto camping cookbook will allow you to learn how to make keto friendly meals that you can enjoy while camping, hiking or backpacking.


Is diet cranberry juice keto-friendly?

Yes, diet cranberry juice is keto friendly. Just ensure it is diet Cranberry juice and not cranberry juice cocktail. If you use Cranberry juice cocktail it will contain too much sugar for keto purposes.

What is keto bread made out of?

Keto bread is made of eggs, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese and, psyllium husk or low carb almond meal flour. It is fast becoming one of the more popular keto bread recipes.

What is a keto breakfast like?

Keto breakfast is like any other breakfast. But, consists of high fat and calorie foods like avocado, bacon or eggs. Cheese, bread and eggs are a staple in most keto breakfasts.

Wrapping Up

Keto camping can be a breeze with all of the delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes available.

Whether you are planning an overnight trip or longer backpacking excursion, there is a keto recipe that will fit your needs.

Be sure to pack any necessary spices in silicone cupcake liners and bring along a baking sheet as well.

If you’re worried about staying hydrated on your trip, freeze some water bottles before you leave so they’ll act as ice packs throughout the day. And don’t forget to take salt and pepper packets with you 😉

What was your favorite keto camping meal?

Leave a comment below!

Happy Camping!

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