If you happen to have moss growing between the gaps in your patio or driveway block paving it can be frustrating trying to remove it, can’t it?

Add the fact that it looks terrible as you feel the curtains twitching every time you go out. You have noticed, the neighbors have noticed. It’s now time to do something about it.

There are a few simple ways to remove the moss. Some with tools and others with chemicals.

The most popular way to remove moss from your block paving is to use a stiff brush or wire scraper and physically scrape it out. You can also make your own chemical solution by combining 3 tablespoons baking soda with 1 quart water. As you mix this in a jug or spray bottle, wear gloves to protect your skin. Then wait for the magic to happen as you apply it to the moss.

Even though tools are highly effective in the short term, it isn’t that effective in the long. Depending on the size of your patio or driveway, it can also take you a long time and is physically demanding.

So, let’s show you some other easier ways to do this…

Here’s How to Remove Moss From Your Patio and Driveway (with tools)

No matter what you are doing in and around your home, specialized tools will always make the job easier. The same goes for moss removal from block paving – using a simple tool can make the job much easier and faster.

Step 1. Preparation

Before you attempt to use any tool for this job, ensure you clear and remove any large debris or stones that may be in the way. This will help you to have a clear area to work on and make the job safer. You also want to remove any garden furniture, potted plants, ornaments, etc. that may be in the area.

Step 2. The Moss Removal Tool of Choice

Now that you have a clear area to work on, it’s time to choose your moss removal tool of choice.

There are many different types of tools available on the market and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hand weed removal tool

There are several hand removal tools on the market such as a Metal Brush, Steel Weed Puller Claw, Mechanical Weed Puller and Dandelion Weeder.

No matter which one of these you choose, they involve some sort of mechanical force or elbow grease.

Burn Weeds Away With Gas Weed Wand

This may sound quite extreme, but it is becoming increasingly popular with gardeners and landscapers who need to cover quite a large area and want a quick, easy and clean job.

The weed wand is fueled by propane gas and once lit the flame will reach up to 1,300 degrees F. It can easily kill any weed or moss on contact and is very effective.

Electric weeding machine

An Electric Weeder is an electric burner that kills weeds without the need for pesticides or chemicals, as well as without producing gas or flame. It has a diffuser cone that allows for more focused treatment while safeguarding the environment and enhancing precision and efficacy.

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Using a jet washer

The last tool on the list is ironically the most popular. That’s using a pressure washer.

Many homeowners already own a pressure washer and it is a quick and easy way to remove moss from your block paving. However, you have to be careful not to use too much pressure as this can damage the blocks.

Now that you know how to remove moss from block paving with tools, let’s take a look at some of the best chemical products on the market…

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Here’s How to Remove Moss From Your Patio and Driveway (with chemicals)

The Clear the area of any objects


Before you look to use any chemicals on your block paving, it is important to remove as much growth and loose dirt as possible. This can be done with a stiff brush or wire scraper. You may also want to use a garden hose to clean the area before treatment.

By doing this, you increase the chances of both moss removal and also maintaining a moss free patio or driveway.

Chemical moss removal

There are a number of chemical moss removal products on the market, but we will just take a look at two – Moss Out and Sodium Percarbonate, Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate, Miracle Grow Evergreen Mosskil.

Moss Out is an easy-to-use granular product that can be applied to driveways, paths, patios and other paved areas with a garden spreader.

As the moss starts to die, it turns black and can easily be swept away.

One application usually lasts for between 4-8 weeks, depending on the amount of moss present and weather conditions.

Sodium Percarbonate is a fast-acting moss killer that comes as a powder.

It quickly dissolves in water to release oxygen, which kills the moss.

You can use a garden sprayer to apply it or mix it with water and pour it over the moss.

Once the moss is dead, it will turn black and can be swept away.

Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate kills moss and by ‘burning’ it as Ferrous Sulphate which is slightly acidic.

Miracle Grow Evergreen Mosskil is great for killing moss on driveways, patios and other paved areas.

It comes as a ready to use spray and will not discolor or stain the paving.

After application, the moss will start to die within 24-48 hours and can be swept away.

Now you know how to remove moss from block paving with tools and chemicals, try one of these methods and enjoy a moss free patio or driveway.

These products are available from most good garden centers or you can purchase them online.

If you live in the UK, you can purchase them from B&Q, Screwfix and Homebase.

So why have you been getting moss? There are few reasons and also some solutions and overall maintenance for you.

Repair Leaks and Check Your Irrigation

If you have a leaking water pipe or a broken sprinkler head, it can wet the ground and create an environment that moss thrives in.

If you have a faulty irrigation system, it can water your garden for hours on end, creating the perfect conditions for moss to grow.

You should check your irrigation system regularly and repair any leaks you find. Also, make sure the water is turned off when rain is forecast.

Cut Down Trees or Shrubs That Are Casting a Shade

To allow more sunlight into your patio or driveway, you should consider cutting down any trees or shrubs that are casting a shade.

A little bit of trimming can go a long way in preventing moss growth and keeping your outdoor space looking its best.

Pressure Wash Them Regularly

By pressure washing your patio and driveway regularly, you can remove any build-up of dirt, algae or moss.

Make sure to use the correct nozzle on your pressure washer and adjust the pressure according to the surface you are washing.

Start by washing in one direction and then change direction, overlapping each pass by 50%.

If you have a lot of moss, it may take a few passes to remove it all.

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Maintain a Clean and Dry Surface

The best way to keep your patio or driveway free from moss is to maintain a clean and dry surface.

Dirt and debris will provide a perfect environment for moss to grow so make sure to sweep up any leaves or branches regularly.


Does roundup kill moss between pavers?

Roundup does not kill moss, but it does kill weeds. herbicide, it kills both weeds and edible plants in the garden. It does not, however, affect mosses or algae.

How to remove moss from brick patio

For successful moss removal on a brick patio, you can use a 50/50 mix of bleach and water or vinegar and water. Fill a spray bottle with this combination. Although bleach is more effective at removing moss, some people prefer vinegar since it is a non-toxic alternative.

How to get rid of moss on stones

You may use a 50/50 mix of bleach and water or vinegar and water to remove moss on stones. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture. Although bleach is more efficient at getting rid of moss, some individuals swear by vinegar since it is non-toxic.

How to remove moss from concrete

If you’re having trouble removing moss stains from your concrete, a half and half vinegar/water mixture can help. White vinegar is the best option because it’s cheap and easy to use. To quickly and easily cover broad surfaces, combine white vinegar in a spray bottle.

How to get rid of moss on a tarmac driveway

To get rid of moss on your driveway, dilute some vinegar in water and spray it onto the moss and algae deposits. Allow 15-20 minutes, then repeat the treatment for a week. After that, wash your driveway to remove any leftover vinegar.

Will vinegar kill moss on pavers?

Yes, vinegar can kill moss on your pavers. Vinegar is a cost-effective and simple way to remove moss from pavers. The acetic acid in the vinegar can harm the moss on your pavers. You may use white vinegar, which has a 5% solution.

How to remove moss from asphalt driveway

1. Make a solution of 23 liters of cold water and 600ml liquid bleach in a bucket.
2. Add the solution into a spray bottle or garden sprayer.
3. Spray the solution onto the moss.
4. Leave to soak for around 15 minutes.
5. Remove the bleach solution completely with warm water.
6. Leave for a few hours.
7. Use a hard-bristled brush to remove the moss.

Does baking soda kill moss on concrete?

Yes, baking soda can kill moss. Baking soda is an effective moss killer for concrete if used as a homemade moss killer. The powder raises the pH, making it more difficult for the moss to thrive.

How do you stop moss from growing between pavers?

The objective is to dry out the area and allow more sunshine to reach the pavers by putting moss in dark damp locations. Trim overhanging branches and bushes, and don’t let the pavers get wet too often (sprinkler systems, gardening hoses, etc.). Weeds and grass should be kept away.

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Will Jeyes fluid kill moss on block paving?

Yes, vinegar can kill moss on your pavers. Vinegar is a cost-effective and simple way to remove moss from pavers. The acetic acid in the vinegar can harm the moss on your pavers. You may use white vinegar, which has a 5% solution.

Can you jet wash block paving?

Yes, you can jet wash block paving. However, it is important that you don’t use too much pressure or you could end up damaging the surface of the paving. If there is a lot of moss or algae, begin by spraying it with a weak jet of water and then increase the power if necessary.


So there you have it. I have shown you two different ways to get rid of moss on your block paving.

You can either use tools such as a brush or jet wash to remove the moss by hand, or you can use a chemical such as Roundup to kill the moss.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you keep an eye on the weather and avoid using too much pressure if jet washing.

Happy cleaning!

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How to remove moss from patio and driveway block paving
How to remove moss from patio and driveway block paving
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