So, you have a patio and no hose or no access to a hose and you want to clean your patio. No problem at all, you have certainly come to the right place.

In this article, we will provide you with the best way, tips, and tricks on how to clean your patio without a hose. We will also give you a brief breakdown of the homemade chemicals you can use in conjunction with a hose to get your patio clean in no time at all.

To clean your patio without a hose, you will need a bucket, some water, homemade cleaning materials, and various brushes. The brushes will be used to clear debris and the bucket and water will be used as a substitute for a garden hose.

Let’s show you how this is done…

Here is a List Of Tools You Will Need

  • Large Bucket
  • Water
  • Various brushes or broom (a brush with a wire broom head is ideal)
  • Chemical sprayer or watering can
  • Handheld spray bottle (optional)
  • Patio weeder/telescopic weeder (metal scraper)
  • A leaf blower (optional)
  • Chemicals (optional)

For each of the methods, you may choose to use, ensure that you remove any garden furniture, pot plants, and fixings that could be damaged by the cleaning process.

If you are using a chemical cleaner, it is also advisable to put on some old clothes and gloves.

Method 1: Cleaning With A Bucket, Water, And Brushes

The first method for cleaning your patio without a hose is to use a bucket of water and some brushes. This is the most basic and easiest way to clean your patio and can be done with or without chemicals.

Step 1

To start, fill your bucket with water and take it to the patio.

Step 2

Use either a handheld scraper or telescopic scraper to clear mud and debris between your pavers. If the pavers are raised, you can use a brush to clean them.

Step 3

Once the area is cleared of large debris, use a brush or leaf blower to clear away any remaining dirt or leaves.

Step 4

Once you have done this, grab your bucket of water and pour it over the patio. This will help to rinse away any remaining dirt or chemicals.

Step 5

As you a pouring the water on your patio, use one of your brushes to scrub at any stubborn dirt that is still remaining.

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Homemade DIY Chemicals you Could Use

There are a few different chemicals you can use to clean your patio without a hose. The most popular and readily available are bleach, ammonia, baking soda, white vinegar, Borax, lemon juice, salt, potassium salts of fatty acids, washing powder, and toothpaste.

All of these chemicals can be found at most local stores, and they each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

You may even have these chemicals in your home already, so take a look to see if you have any of them first before you go out and buy any.

You can also purchase store-bought cleaners like:

  • The Pink Stuff
  • Defenders STV940 Concentrated Path and Patio Cleaner.
  • JCB Heavy Duty Patio Cleaner.
  • Algon Organic Path and Patio Cleaner Concentrate.
  • Jarder Spray & Leave 4 x 5 Litre Concentrate Cleaner.
  • Patio Magic!
  • SmartSeal Patio Clean Xtreme.
  • Pro-Kleen Patio & Driveway Cleaner

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Method 2: Cleaning with Chemicals, a Brush, and a Bucket

The second method for cleaning your patio without a hose is to use chemicals and a bucket of water or a watering can. This is a more advanced method that can be used with or without brushes.

Don’t forget, if you are using any form of chemical cleaner, it is important to take precautions and wear old clothes and gloves.

I also recommend that you wear goggles to protect your eyes when spraying any chemicals.

Step 1

To start, mix the chemical of your choice with water in your bucket.

Step 2

Spray the chemical with either your chemical sprayer or water can onto the patio.

Step 3

Leave the chemical to work on the dirt for a few minutes.

Step 4

Grab your brush and scrub at any stubborn dirt that is still remaining.

Step 5

Once you have done this, pour a bucket of water over the patio and rinse away any remaining dirt or chemicals.

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What type of bucket should I use to clean my patio?

It really doesn’t matter what type of bucket you use. As long as it is large enough to hold water and has a handle, it will work. A plastic bucket will be lighter to carry, but a metal bucket will be more durable.

What type of brush will I need to clean my patio?

It is recommended that you have a brush with stiff bristles for this method. This will help to scrub away any stubborn dirt or chemicals that are still remaining. A brush with a wire broom head is ideal.

How do you clean a patio without a pressure washer?

In order to clean your slabs without a pressure washer, you either need to use a homemade patio cleaner with household items you already have at home or a store-bought patio cleaner that will likely have powerful chemicals in the ingredients.

What is a Patio weeder?

A patio weeder is either a handheld or telescopic knife that is used to remove weeds between the pavers. It has a sharp blade that slices through the weed’s stem. It is much easier to use this after it rains as the soil will be softer and the weed will be easier to pull out.

How can I clean my driveway without a hose?

To clean your driveway without a hose, you will need a bucket, some water, homemade cleaning materials, and various brushes. The brushes will be used to clear debris and the bucket and water will be used as a substitute for a garden hose.

How do I clean my patio naturally?

To clean your patio naturally, you will need some homemade chemicals, a weed scraper, brushes, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. The chemicals can be made with common household ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar. These natural chemicals will help to dissolve dirt and grime from your patio surface.

What is the best way to clean patio slabs?

The easiest method to clean your patio slabs is to use soapy, warm water to brush them. In most cases, ordinary washing up liquid and water will be sufficient. Be sure to rinse the soapy water away with clean water and a hose or bucket. If stubborn dirt or grease remains, a household cleaner or degreaser can be used.

Does bleach remove black spots on a patio?

Yes, black spots on your patio may be removed using bleach. Bleach, on the other hand, should not be applied to any of your plants or grass since it might harm them. To wash the surface after applying bleach, use a garden hose. You can use a bottle of Wet and Forget with Benzalkonium Chloride to treat any black marks or stains on the surface.
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Cleaning your patio without a hose can be done with some simple supplies and a little elbow grease. By using a combination of chemicals, brushes, and water, you can clean even the dirtiest of patios in no time.

If you are having trouble removing any stubborn stains or marks, don’t worry – there are plenty of solutions available to help get the job done.

What have you used to clean your patio in the past?

Let us know in the comments below!

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