You’re probably reading this because you’ve either just taken up an old patio or landscaped your garden. No matter what the reason you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best ways to dispose of patio pavers. There are a few different ways to dispose of patio pavers, and we’ll go over each one.

The best way to get rid of patio pavers is to either hire a skip if you have a large amount or hire an aggregate removal company to dispose of them for you. Alternatively, you can put them in your car or van and take them down to your local recycling center.

Let’s show you some other interesting ways to dispose of them…

How To Dispose Of Old Unwanted Paving Slabs

If you have old paving slabs and you don’t want to recycle them, there are a few ways to get rid of them.

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This means piling your old slabs in either your car or van and driving them down to your nearest recycling center. It’s not the most practical way to do it, but it is free.

Hire a Skip

If you have a lot of paving slabs, hiring a skip could be a better option for you. This will cost you around £75-100, but it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Hire an Aggregate Removal Company (man and van)

If you want to get rid of your paving slabs quickly and easily, hiring an aggregate removal company is the best option. This will usually cost you around £150-200, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to do the job yourself.

How to remove paving slabs without breaking them

To lift and remove paving slabs without breaking them, you will need a few tools:

  1. First, you will need something to break the bond between the paving slab and the ground. A hand tool like a chisel or a crowbar will work for this.
  2. Once you have broken the bond, you can use a shovel or a spade to lift the paving slab out of the ground.
  3. If you are removing paving slabs from a patio, you may need to use a power washer to clean off any dirt or grime before you can start breaking the bond.
  4. When lifting the paving slab out of the ground, be careful not to damage it. Use two hands if possible and lift it straight up.

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Uses For Old Paving Slabs (some cool ideas)

If you are looking for some ideas for those leftover paving slabs, the best use case is to recycle them.

Restoring them

You can restore pavers by simply giving them a good clean with a pressure washer. Once they are clean, you can seal them with a paving sealant to protect them from the weather.

Paving a Pathway

If you have some extra paving slabs, you can use them to create a pathway in your garden. This is a really easy way to add some character to your garden without spending too much money.

Using them as jigsaw-style paths

We already mentioned using them for a path, but you can also get creative and use them as jigsaw-style paths. This is a really fun way to create a path in your garden that will be unique and interesting.

Turning them into a table or bench

Another great idea for those old paving slabs is to turn them into a table or bench. This is a really easy project that anyone can do and it will add some extra seating to your outdoor space.

Sell them online

This isn’t the most popular way, but it is a way. You can either sell them through an auction website like eBay, or list them on social media sites like Facebook.

Smash them into gravel

You can smash your old paving slabs into gravel and use it as a mulch for your plants. This is a really easy way to get rid of them and it’s also great for your plants.

Use as foundation

You can use your old slabs for foundation when you are building a garden shed or a summer house. This is a great way to recycle them and it will save you some money.

Fixing them together as makeshift plant pots

Depending on the size of your garden slabs, you can fix them together to create makeshift plant pots. This is a really easy way to add some extra plants to your garden without spending any money.

Using them as BBQ borders (depending on the size)

BBQ borders are a great way to add some extra flavor to your outdoor cooking. If you have some old slabs that are the right size, you can use them as BBQ borders.

Building a garden wall

Another great way to recycle your old paving slabs is to use them to build a garden wall. This is a really easy project that anyone can do and it will add some extra privacy to your outdoor space.

Donate them to charity

This should probably have been first on the list, but it’s still a good option. If you don’t want to use your old paving slabs, you can always donate them to charity. Now, not every charity will accept them, but it’s worth a shot.

How To Slab Over Old Slabs

I don’t actually recommend doing this, but some people do it. If you want to slab over old slabs, the best way to do it is with a new concrete slab.

  • You will need to clean the old paving slabs first and then use a trowel to apply the new concrete slab. Be sure to smooth it out as much as possible and then let it dry.
  • After it has dried, you can then paint or stain the new concrete slab to match your existing patio furniture.

This isn’t the most popular option, but it is an option.

Where Can You Get Free Paving Slabs?

Sometimes the local council will have leftover paving slabs that they are willing to give away for free. You can also check with local building companies to see if they have any leftover pavers.

Another great option is Freecycle, which is an online community where people give away unwanted items for free.

Lastly, you can always check Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for free paving slabs.


Can I take the rubble to my local tip?

Yes, you can take rubble to your local tip. However, if you are taking a van, you may need to show proof that this is just normal garden waste and not construction waste.

Can I use old paving slabs as a base for a garden shed?

Yes, you can use old paving slabs as a base for a garden shed, but you will need to make sure that they are level and stable first. You can use some concrete to fix them in place if necessary.

How do you smash paving slabs?

You can use a crowbar or recking tool to smash paving slabs. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when doing this, as the slabs can be sharp.

Do I need planning permission to reuse old paving slabs?

No, you don’t need planning permission to reuse old paving slabs, but you should check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions.

How do you spruce up a patio slab?

Initially, you can remove any moss or algae with a stiff brush. If the paving slab is just old and worn, you can try painting it with concrete paint. You can also sand it down and then seal it with a clear sealant.


There are many uses for old paving slabs, so don’t just throw them away. If you are looking for some ideas, we hope this list has helped you out.

Remember, the best way to recycle them is to use them in your own garden.

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