We are looking to chill out as soon as the summer hits and there really is no better investment than a good hammock or swing chair.

As you’re probably aware, both of these products are designed to make life a little easier and more comfortable.

If you’ve been thinking about getting one (or both) for yourself and want to find out about the benefits associated with each option, we’ve got the lowdown on what makes them great – making it easier for you to make a decision.

If you like the idea of relaxing in comfort, read on and find out which option is right for you:

In short, choosing whether to get a hammock or a swing chair depends on the features such as size, height, design, and installation type.

The main difference between a hammock and a swing chair is a hammock is normally suspended between two points (normally trees) and a swing chair has its own stand.

Even though both can be used inside and out. You would normally use a hammock outside and use a swing chair either inside or outside the house.

So, in that respect, you have a lot more flexibility with a swing chair than a hammock.


What is a Hammock?

Believe it or not, Hammocks have been around since the early 19th century when they were commonly used in ships during journeys.

They are usually made from a material with a large surface area, allowing you to stretch out and get straight into relaxation mode.

Whether that’s on holiday or just in your back garden on the weekends, hammocks combine comfort and fun and provide something for everyone of all ages.

A lot of campers use them whenever they go to a pop-up camping site as this provides an extra relaxation and sleeping area to chill out.

Are they safe?

Yes, they are totally safe. Though they are designed for occasional use you would be advised to talk to your doctor if you find yourself going to sleep on one regularly since extended use could cause back pain or a bad posture.

Do you need a pillow in a hammock?

No, you don’t need to have a pillow for hammock camping. However, you’ll find a lot of people who enjoy camping with a pillow and others that don’t.

You may be extremely comfortable without a pillow if you discover the ideal hammock angle.

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Can you go camping with a hammock?

Yes, in fact, this is one of the main uses of a hammock. There are lots of hiking trails that have been built with the intention of installing tents and hammocks.

You can even purchase your own if you don’t want to buy a camping tent or rent one from a campsite.

What is a Swing Chair?

A swing chair is a lot more similar to a traditional garden swing than it is to a hammock. It is mainly suspended by one rope or chain connected to a stand with a large circular base.

Why are People Comparing Them?

People are comparing them because the use case is very similar. Chilling in the backyard or on your balcony.

It Depends Where You Are Going to Hang It

If you’re looking for something inside the house, then a swing chair is more flexible. You also have the option of moving it around the house to different places within your home.

A hammock on the other hand is much harder to relocate inside the home since it requires much more space and two definite points to tire the cable or rope to.

Did you Know you Can Get Swing Chair Hammocks?

Sorry to confuse matters, but you can actually have the best of both worlds. A swing chair hammock.

They have a similar shape as a hammock, but instead of being suspended between two trees, it is usually mounted onto a stand.

What are the Benefits?

Both hammocks and swing chairs provide many benefits, including relaxation, stress relief, therapeutic effects, and better circulation.

The difference in design comes down to personal preference because there are pros and cons to both.

A traditional rope swing chair has more tradition, but if you are looking for something more modern then a hammock might be what you are after.


Can my ceiling support a hanging chair?

Yes, you can suspend a hammock chair from a concrete ceiling or a robust wooden beam or joist. When putting up your hammock swing chair, please keep safety in mind as well as the proper hardware.

How do you hang a chair on a bedroom ceiling?

Step 1: First you need to find and mark the stud.

Step 2: Next, you will need to drill a hole for the eye hook.

Step 3: Then simply screw the eye hook into the hole you have just created.

Step 4: If the chair is equipped with one, loop the first metal link onto that eye hook you just screwed in.

Step 5: Then loop on the second metal link.

Step 6: Lastly, and you may need the help of a second person, attach your basket chair and chain.

Why would someone have a swing in their bedroom?

Most of the time it is for the look and aesthetics. But it does give the room a light airy feel and generally tends to match the surrounding furniture in the bedroom.

You are pretty much guaranteed to have a bedroom that looks more unique than any other one you have seen.

Do hanging chairs damage ceilings?

They can damage ceilings if they haven’t been installed properly. Eventually, they will damage the ceiling if you ever remove the chair since it will leave a hole.

How much weight can a ceiling joist hold?

A ceiling joist can support approximately 9 pounds per square foot on average. If your chair does not weigh more than 9 pounds, you may hang one on a joist for each foot of length.

This is based on an attic floor that is designed to support 10 pounds per square foot and then subtracts 1 pound for ceiling weight.


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Hammock or Swing – Which One?
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